Managing creativity for sustainability

Date: Monday, August 08, 2022 / 11:00 AM, (México City Time)

Ph.D Kamel Mnisri
ICN Business School

Dr. Kamel Mnisri is associate professor and director of the MSc in International Management at ICN Business School in France. He holds a PhD in Management Sciences and more importantly international teaching, supervision and business experience.  His academic research focuses on creativity and sustainability has been presented at a number of international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. He is also one of the founders of Artem Organisational Creativity and Sustainability International Conference

How relational demography and influence tactics impact the effectiveness of leaders

Date: Tuesday, October 11, 2022 / 06:30 PM, (México City Time)

Ph.D Marco Lam
West Carolina University (WCU)

PhD Marco is educator and consultant with experience in corporate accounting and operations management. Specialized in implementing performance measurement systems and improving organizational performance. His research interests are on Influence Tactics, Management Decision Making, Control Systems, and Capital Markets. He is associate professor at Western Carolina University, USA.

The nature of sustainable innovation

Date: Tuesday, November 08, 2022 / 06:30 PM, (México City Time)

Ph.D Klaus-Peter Schulz
ICN Business School

Klaus-Peter Schulz is deputy director for research and professor of strategy and innovation at ICN Business School. His research is related to strategies and methodologies of sustainable innovation capabilities and organizational development. His research focus is on methods and processes of change, innovation and development, particularly on playful and hands-on intervention methods. Prior to his university career, he was Programme Manager for innovation and organizational development at an international pharmaceutical company.